Pistola often reminded one of Patti Smith, marrying lyrical beauty with bursts of high-energy punk-punctuated rock.
— New Haven Independent
One song off Curfew that she says always evokes the same indefinable feeling in her is “Wild, Rich & Loose.” It’s a ballad with poetic lyrics about young and hungry souls, resembling a Mazzy Star song that’s been dragged through the gutter. It builds to a fantastic roaring breakdown.
— Remezcla

Brooklyn-based Boricua Lola Pistola sounds is gritty and “falls somewhere between alt-grunge and noise pop.” Her full-length solo debut album Curfew, out September 29 on Burger Records, following the AJ Dávila produced “Tú Pensabas” in 2015 and last year’s Everyday/Routine EP comes after years of touring with AJ Dávila and Terror Amor. Her music is introspective, contemplative, and “with white-knuckle bursts contrasted by stretches of soft, serene vocals.” Armed with a guitar for every live show and accompanied by Pink Mexico’s front-man Robert Preston on drums, Lola’s thrilling set is as intimate as it a thunderous burst of adrenalized, unbridled energy.